Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

It's been a while since we did a weekend wrap up!  I have to say- I missed it.  :)

Girl's morning started out bright and early with a trip to our favorite location.....Target!

For some reason, we thought it was a good idea to suddenly need to find Minnie Mouse all through the store.  I'm not complaining, it kept her occupied in the store...granted she was nearly screaming, "Minnie!!" as we searched, but you know.  Whatever.  I don't think the 15 people in the store minded all that much.

The weather was GORGEOUS when we got home so I got the Nikon out and we went upstairs to the balcony porch for a mini photo shoot.  These are my favorite 2 shots from the morning.

Jacob got home from the gun range and we headed out for round 2 of errands.  It got down-right warm outside so Avery had to shed her sweatshirt for a short sleeve number and "sandies" (read: sandals).  The expression on her face really encapsulates my feelings on Tractor Supply as well.  Utter confusion.

 Wait- what?  A second trip to Target?  We live the exciting life around here.
"What.  Move on.  I'm wearing my sunglasses inside and I look completely fabulous."

"Hum on momma, 'es go"

 After Target we went to Jacob's favorite restaurant- CiCi's.
Someone may/may not have gone through 4 pieces.  There were 2 witnesses but they're not talking.

After CiCi's we took Avery through her first car wash.  We were reallllly close to tears, but she handled it very well.  Don't let the super relaxed body language fool you- sister was intense.

I don't know about you, but I'm still having trouble with the losing an hour of sleep business.  Sound check for church seemed extra early this morning.  Extra coffee was a must.

We did some work on our duck faces.  She's better than me.  As usual.

I found out who's been stealing our K-Cups.  Apparently it's not the coffee minions....

More Sunny Selfies!

Hope your weekend was spectacular!  

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