Tuesday, January 21, 2014

9 Months!

Stats:  20 lbs, 27.5 inches long

Milestones: Walking with assistance, climbing stairs, and drinking from a cup....to name a few.  :)

...lest we forget "my first ponytail"

Behavior:  Avery is starting to assert some of her independence.  I know, you're in denial that this kid can pitch a royal fit too.  Trust me- she's done it.  Several times.  She's still hilarious and altogether laid back.  She's got her moments.  Don't we all.

Sleep:  7:30-6:30 or 7ish.  After her 5 new teeth finally cut through, her sleep went back to "normal".  Praise the Lord.  Avery is still a horrible napper.  At school she only takes two 30ish minute naps per day.  At home on the weekend she can sleep for 2 hours.  I'm assuming it's because there's way too much going on at school and she's scared she's going to miss something.  I would be too come to think of it....I guess that's where she gets it from.
Momma's shopping buddy on New Years Day

Clothes:  9 month everything.  She got a lot of 12 month stuff for Christmas but it's still a little big for her.  She's still about a half pound to full pound from being on the low side of the 12 month scale.  I'm fine with it.  I figured the longer she can stay in 9 month clothes the better.  Like I said on facebook, she'll wear Christmas jammies until the summer if I have my way about it.  :)

Wearing one of her new 12 month shirts.  The sleeves are long enough to fit my arms, but whatever.  

Likes:  All of her new toys she got for Christmas, Ellie still is fascinating, being outside, going for walks, bath time, exploring via her walker, and going on adventures.

Grocery shopping is way more fun with Avery "helping".  This was after she grabbed a bag of Doritos and threw them in the basket.

Dislikes: Staying still, getting into her car seat, getting dressed (it's like trying to lasso a cat.), riding in her car seat, being told "no".

Favorite Moments: First Christmas, spending almost a week at Gigi and Granddad's house, seeing a lot of extended family,

Just a girl and her dog.

Most Challenging:  Separation anxiety as started.  Hearing Avery scream "mamamama" at me as I leave her at school for 3 mornings straight is enough to drive anyone looney.

Exploring. ...it's what she does best.

Looking Forward To:  Growing up!

Just walking around...wearing a crown.  Wait...you don't?  She must have learned that from me.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013: A Brief Review...

First shower for Avery Grace thrown by sweet friends at church.  

We *thought* we still had around 10 weeks to go before Avery would be here.


Staci and I went to Dallas for TSHA conference.  Obviously I stayed super energetic the whole time.  :)

Well well, where to start.  Oh yes...
Our 36 week, 2 day ultrasound to make sure Avery was still breech and to schedule our C-Section date.  Little did we know that 4 days later this would happen....


Lots of visitors!

First Mother's Day

Avery met her friend Benton at his first birthday party

First visit to Baylor and quality time with Aunt Staci.

College preferences were made.

Someone was obviously distraught over starting school.

Wearing big bows became a daily occurrence.

Gigi started making clothes for Avery!

First date night in 4 months!

First time in her high-chair.

Entertaining people at a restaurant by singing "Opera"

Personality....to say the least.

Making questionable fashion decisions.

First time eating carrots and sprouting 2 bottom teeth.

Cue the non-stop ear infections.

Lest we forget the infamous ER visit.

Sic 'Em Bears!


First plane ride to Louisiana

Pictures in the dress MeMe made.

First Baylor Homecoming and first football game!

Baby dedication at church.


First Pumpkin patch.

First Halloween

Avery attended her friend Berkleigh's 1st birthday party.

First Thanksgiving!

Helping Momma do some Christmas decoration shopping.


Test run for Santa

The REAL Santa.

First Christmas!

2013 has been a momentous year!  Jacob and I are so excited to see what 2014 holds.  We are truly blessed.
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