Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's official! The Terkelsen Two are going to become 3!

Do you see what I see????

I suspected that something was different this cycle the day that I dry-heaved over the smell of crayons.  Ever since that day, I noticed little things that were different than the last cycle.  I was trying so hard to not get my hopes up but it was really hard to ignore everything!  

The first test was taken on Tuesday night around 6:30pm.  It came up positive within 30 seconds!  Naturally I didn't believe it so I had Jacob check to make sure.  For some reason I guess I thought it would go away so I took another test on Wednesday morning and again- positive!  My beta blood test was scheduled for Thursday morning so naturally, took another test that morning just to make sure.  It was nearly instantly positive and really dark.  My first beta numbers were pretty good and the RE wanted to make sure that they doubled within 48 hours so I went BACK for another agonizing blood test on Saturday morning.  Results that afternoon were that they more than doubled!  Everything else looks good and we are scheduled for our first ultrasound on Sept. 4 to see "how many there might be".  I'm sure it's one, but I'll take 2.  :)

I'll be updating weekly so stay tuned!

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