Sunday, March 30, 2014

11 Months!

Stats:  21.5 lbs, 28.5 inches long

(Please note....she got herself into this pose on her own....promise)

Milestones: We've got a walker.  Her first few steps were hilarious.  Absolutely hilarious.  We've also started pushing her bedtime back around 15 minutes.  Avery is an early bird (in every sense of the word) and we want her definition of "sleeping in" to change from 5:30 to at least 6:00.  Please.

Behavior:  Avery's comprehension of what we say is increasing as evidenced by her little tantrum throwing when we tell her "no".  Oh well....  Avery is such a little ham.  Anytime someone brings a camera out, she cheeses it up.  She loves people, loves to laugh, and loves to sing in the car.  (Just like her momma...)

Sleep:  Starting to get back to normal.  Our routine starts around 7:30ish and she's asleep in her bed (9 times out of 10) by 8.  Starting the routine a little later is working well, so far.  Avery is a tummy sleeper and curls up in the cutest little "ball of baby" that you could ever imagine.

Clothes:  12 months still.  She wears a size Infant 3 in most shoes.  Avery recently expanded her wardrobe to include spring attire thanks to momma's handy coupon shopping.  A girl can never have too many clothes.  Ever.  :)

Likes:  Walking, moving around, being outside, Ellie, playing with her lipstick, reading books, going for short car rides, her new car seat, and FaceTiming (if you'd like to receive a FaceTime from Avery, let me know.  This kid loves FaceTime).

Dislikes: Staying still, being told "no", getting her jammies on when she's really tired.  Luckily we don't have a running list of dislikes this month.

Favorite Moments: An overdue visit from Gigi and Granddad, learning to walk, helping momma with laundry, learning to wave "bye bye".

Learning the drums.

Most Challenging:  Nothing really challenging this month!  Praise the Lord!

Looking Forward To: First Birthday!  First Easter and first Easter egg hunt!

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