Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Avery's 4th of July...

I realized a couple of days ago that it's been over a month since my last post.  We've been a smidge busy over the past month....growing up...traveling to London....laughing......loving.....etc.  So, here's my pledge to you, I will be jumping back on the blog bandwagon and posting more regularly.  Admit it, you missed us.  :)

Avery had a BLAST (pun completely intended) at her second 4th of July.  I had to work Friday morning for a few hours at the hospital, however, when my little mini-shift was over, we loaded up the Tahoe and headed to Waco to spend the weekend with Staci and Chris.  Friday night we went to Staci's parent's house for a BBQ.  Avery got to play with Staci's nephews (Chandler, Harrison, and Jacob) and had so much fun!  Harrison is only a few days younger than Avery so she had someone there her own age.

Someone loved the microphone she found. mother like daughter??

She also spent no less than 3 hours in the Cozy Coupe while at Waco Poppa's house.  This is the only picture I could get of her -mid blink- because she was constantly on the move. I guess we will be in the market for a Cozy Coupe soon. Donations welcome.

Catastrophic meltdown occurred hours before fireworks even started.  Jacob stayed back with Avery at Staci's house while Staci, Chris, and I went to the country club to watch the fireworks.  
"Your hair is in my eye!"  Typical.  Absolutely typical.

By the way, don't trust Chris if he says he knows when the fireworks are supposed to start.  Sir, they started at 10:00, not 8:30.  :)

Saturday morning everyone got up and went to breakfast at a Waco staple, Harold Waites Pancake House.  Before we got to Harold's, the Terkelsen group stopped at Target.  (Side note, I should hold a record for the amount of Target stores I've been in that are in cities in which I do not reside.  It's talent, actually.)  Low and behold, look who I run into...

Miss Amanda.  Love you much, ma'am.

Finally eating pancakes at Harold Waite's.  After breakfast, we loaded up the car again and headed off to the Mayborn Museum on Baylor's campus.  They always have really cool exhibits and tons of things for little hands to get into.

3 minutes after getting into the car.  3 minutes.  Eating pancakes is exhausting.

Discussing future dates with Harrison

Riding in a green and gold Cozy Coupe.

Walking with Adda into different exhibits

Driving a fire truck.

The bus was her favorite, I think. :)

If there's a future in playing a walking piano for a living, Avery wants to sign up.

Playing with the duckies at the water table.

"Buh bye duckies"

Riding like a lady- side saddle.

We left Waco Saturday late afternoon and headed back home.  I sang at church on Sunday so Avery got to run around the sanctuary during sound check for a little bit.  One of her boyfriends, Jackson, came into sound check too!  They were both dressed in their 4th of July duds so naturally pictures were in order.

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