Sunday, July 7, 2013

3 Months!

Stats: This month we're not sure how long Avery is, but she's a long one.  When we were at the doctor for a reflux follow up she weighed in at 12lbs, 5 oz.

Milestones:  Still smiling more than anything.  She's also nearly rolled over twice.  She can get to her side and then just falls back over onto her back.  She'll get it.  Soon enough.

Behavior: She's only days away from finding her feet.  She draws her feet up towards her face and kicks them around like there's no tomorrow.  So either she's about ready to find her feet or we've got a break dancer in training.  Little Miss Nosy still loves to watch people....especially at church.  I guess it's not that hard when you're the cutest thing ever.  :)

Sleep:  Bedtime has been pushed forward to 8:00.  We start our routine at 7:30 and she's out like a light by 8.  She'll still sleep until between 6:00-6:45.  One morning we went in to wake her up at 7:15 and she was NOT happy about it.  I think she has her Aunt Staci's love of sleep.

(Just a comparison....first picture is when she was around 2 weeks old; second picture is around 1.5 months old; and bottom picture is 2.5 months old.  Same pacifier....bigger kid.)

Clothes: Still 3 month clothing with random newborn sized things here and there.
This outfit was the first one I bought multiple of just in bigger sizes.  I figured if I can rock the statement necklace, she needs to be able to as well.

Likes:  Bath time, car rides, being held upright, her crib, and Ellie.

Dislikes: Tummy time (occasionally), laying down too much (I think it's because of the reflux).  It's hard to find things she doesn't like...she's a really happy baby!  ....and according the picture below, she's not so fond of A&M.  ;)

Favorite Moments: First Father's Day!  Laughing for the first time was a pretty epic moment too.  She surprised herself doing it.  It was hilarious.

Most Challenging:  Dropping Avery off for her first day at "school".  Golly gee that was rough.  It didn't get any easier as the week went on.  The second Monday I dropped her off was worse than the first.  I sat for 20 minutes in each parking lot (the school's and the hospital's) and just cried.  One fellow parent knocked on my window and asked if I was ok at the school.

Looking Forward To:  Mastering rolling over and holding her head up more consistently.
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