Sunday, February 17, 2013

28/29 Weeks

How Far Along: 28/29 Weeks....she's "popped" again.  I'm making a new personal goal to balance various items on my stomach.  Don't worry- there will be pictures.  

Size of baby: Butternut Squash (17 inches, 3.1 lbs)

Total Weight Gain/LossStill just +8.

Maternity Clothes: Normally everything but I hit the jackpot a Target (shocker....) and found flowing tops that totally work- and will continue to until little miss makes her arrival. 

Gender: GIRL!  Avery Grace has already stolen our hearts!

Movement: Only one additional round of hiccups that I noticed over the past 2 weeks.  Maybe she's like me and doesn't get them that often.  Maybe.  Other than that, she's pretty active.  Kick counts have not been an issue.  My doctor says to count 10 kicks within one hour at the same time every day since she's most likely already in a makeshift sleep cycle. Well, our little over-achiever gets to 10 kicks between 5 and 10 minutes after I start counting.  

Sleep: Back!  We got a new mattress a couple of weeks ago and it has literally been a gift from God.  Seriously.  

What I miss: Having energy. 

Cravings: Sweet tea- big time- still.

Symptoms: Fatigue, appetite like a sumo wrestler, and leg cramps.  Have you ever experienced a simultaneous calf, arch of foot, and toe cramp in the same foot?  I have.  It'll make you want to take drastic action about relieving contemplating an at home amputation.  :)

Best Moment/Most Interesting Moment this week: Getting the nursery painted!  We're one step closer to getting everything ready for sweet Avery to get here!

What I'm Looking Forward To: 30 week appointment on Friday!  We've started going every 2 weeks until 36 and then we'll start going every week!  Talk about a reality check!

Monday, February 4, 2013

27 Weeks

How Far Along: 27 Weeks  

Size of baby: Head of lettuce (15 inches, 2.5 lbs)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still just +8, although I'm feeling larger this week.

Maternity Clothes: Everything now. I'm still enjoying normal sized shoes....although some of those are pretty tight now.  Example- I've been really wanting those tacky nursing clogs to wear at work.  Today was a scrub sale at the hospital and they had those shoes on sale there.  Too bad I couldn't even think about squeezing my foot into the largest size they make.  So it's confirmed- I've got amazon woman sized large, swollen feet. 

Gender: GIRL!  Avery Grace has already stolen our hearts!

Movement: I experienced baby hiccups for the first time.  I wasn't sure at first what it was, but after some quick googling, found out Little Avery was indeed hiccuping.  She's gotten quite "violent" in her punches too.  I was singing at church on Sunday and apparently she wanted to remind me she was there and gave me a real good strong punch in the diaphragm before the song started which resulted in me being unable to catch my breath through the entire first verse.  I'm going to remember this and we're going to have a talk about it in about 12 weeks.  :)

Sleep: Still gone.  I'm reminded of a Montgomery Gentry song at this moment, "Gone like a freight train, gone like yesterday, gone like a soldier in the Civil War, bang bang.  Gone like a 59 Cadillac, like all the good things that ain't ever coming back, it's gone."  Hopefully the purchase of new mattress helps this situation.  I'm tired of the "Ricky & Lucy" sleeping arrangement going on in this household.

What I miss: Sleep. 

Cravings: Sweet tea- big time.  I finally wised up and bought tea to make at home.

Symptoms: Fatigue, appetite like a sumo wrestler, and Braxton Hicks.  The whole BH thing is new for me.  It's a weird sensation to say the least. I'm sure it's just as uncomfortable to see.  From my view from above, it looks like she scrunches in a ball and moves to either side and just stays there for a few seconds and then returns to her favored position...under my ribs and diagonal. 

Best Moment/Most Interesting Moment this week: The "bump" getting noticed by strangers.  One of the frequent patient's at work asked me "When are you due?"  Well, he'd joked around with me before so I figured I'd return the favor and responded, "What are you talking about?"  I've never seen a man's face so stinkin red before.  All he could say was, "Oh man, oh man, oh man."  I finally told him my due date and told him that asking that question is risky business.  He agreed. :)

What I'm Looking Forward To: 28 week appointment on Friday!  Avery's due date may change....we'll see!
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