Saturday, August 10, 2013

4 Months!

(Pardon the drool mark on her shirt....she's a faucet these days.)

Stats: 23.5 inches long; 14lb 8oz; 41cm head circumference.  She's truly a Terkelsen with head measurements like that, according to Jacob. :)

Milestones:  Avery rolled over!  It's been hard to get her to do it on command, but she's getting there.  She has also learned to prop herself up on her elbows during tummy time.  She's also brought her hands to mid-line and puts EVERYthing in her mouth.  Everything.  Toy?  In her mouth.  Fingers?  In her mouth.  Mom's hand?  In her mouth.  Ellie? In her mou...just kidding.  She hasn't mastered wrangling Ellie yet.  Avery is grabbing everything in sight which has been fun during play time.  She loves to help "turn" the pages in books.

Behavior: We still haven't found our feet, but she'll get there.  Avery loves to be held and "talk" to people.  She learned to "talk" last weekend while Gigi and Graddad were here for a visit.  She literally has woken herself up every morning since then just chatting away.  Her little personality is starting to show more and more as well.  She loves to be entertained and loves to entertain.

Sleep:  We went through some sleep changes this past month.  When Avery learned to roll over, our swaddling days were done.  :(  Upon the advice of my cousin Lauren, we started putting Avery in footy pajamas (side note, how stinkin cute are those...I mean really.) and laying her in the crib hoping she wouldn't notice she wasn't swaddled anymore.  Well, she actually surprised us in how well she slept.  There were a couple of nights that she woke herself up around 4 but was able to go back to sleep with a little reassurance from us.

Clothes: Still in 3 month sized clothes.  Some of her onesies could probably stand to be 6 month sized but I'm not ready to make that leap yet.  I packed away all of her newborn sized clothes with the exception of a couple pairs of leggings.  Her waist is so tiny that 3 month sized pants fall right off of her.

Likes:  Talking, her lovie, school, shopping at Target, bath time, Ellie, her links toys, and books.  This kid loves her some books.

Dislikes: Still not digging tummy time.

Favorite Moments: Learning to "talk", rolling over, seeing that sweet smiling face every morning.

Most Challenging:  Reflux is still with us.  We changed pediatricians (that's worth a whole other blog post, I'll spare you that, though) and we are so pleased with our new Dr.  We've upped her dosage of medicine and have really seen improvement.  Thank goodness.  Hopefully we are on the downhill slide of this reflux nightmare.

Looking Forward To:  Seeing more of her little personality coming through!  We've also booked our first airplane ride for the first of October to Louisiana!

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