Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Now Serving: Spaghetti Pie!

Finding things that Avery will eat consistently other than string cheese, ravioli, and yogurt has been a challenge.  I'm constantly searching for new ideas and such to try with her.  9 times out of 10 she hates it, but alas, I do believe we have found ourselves a winning recipe!  I decided tonight was the night to try a recipe I found on my favorite mommy blogger's page (3 Ladies and Their Gent) for Spaghetti Pie.

To me, the sign of a good meal with Avery is how long it takes to clean her up after.  Considering the trail of Spaghetti Pie trailing up the steps to Avery's bathroom after she was finished, I'd say we have a hit on our hands.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up: Girls Weekend Edition

This past weekend Jacob let Avery and head up I-35 to home (Grapevine) to visit Avery's Gigi and Granddad!  ....and Dede.....and Uncle Jeremy....and Miss Valerie....

Jacob got up and out of the house early to go to his weekly men's meeting with our Sunday school guys leaving Avery and I to "sleep in" and get ready to go.  Avery slept until around 7:15 which gave me time to finish packing our bags.  Side note: what is the deal with my feeling the need to pack like 14 outfit choices per day?  Seriously.  I packed her a jacket.  A jacket.  In Texas.  In May.

Asleep all of 10 minutes after we left.  She slept until just past Hillsboro.  Cue snack time and movies.  She made it like a champ all the way to Gigi and Granddad's house!

After getting to Gigi and Granddad's house, we rested for a few minutes, had a quick diaper change, and loaded back up in the car to start our visitations.  First stop was Gigi's work.  Avery found a lot of friends at the doctor's office Gigi works at, both human and aquatic.  After Gigi's work we went to Uncle Jeremy's and Miss Valerie's work at Gateway church to see them.  Avery LOVES her Uncle Jeremy and Miss Valerie.

Avery thought it was hilarious to lay on the floor and be nose to nose with Uncle Jeremy.

We went to dinner Friday night at Campo Verde in Arlington.  If you haven't been, go.  Just go.  
"Granddad this place is out of control with the lights.  Don't they know its May? I should have worn that coat Nommy packed me..."

Side note #2: Avery started calling me Nommy instead of Momma/Mommy.  I don't plan on correcting it.
After dinner Avery stayed up WAAAAY past her bedtime...like over an hour.  She did well though, she even slept in (for real) the next morning!

Riding some sort of roller coaster in her dreams.

Little lovely let her exhausted Nommy sleep in until 8:15!  Best gift ever!

....can I get an amen from the mommas.

Dede came over later that morning and played with Avery for a few hours.  She's gotten this funny little thing about being "shy" for all of 2 minutes and then will begin to show off and not leave anyone alone.  No one minds, I'm sure.  

We went on a little "adventure" to Hobby Lobby with Dede, Granddad, and Gigi.  Avery did great up until it was time to go.  Granddad showed her a ball in the checkout line, and whatyaknow.....Avery pitched her a royal fit for it.  Gigi said that everyone in the store knew us at that point.   Awesome.

Proud of her new light up texture ball c/o Granddad and Hobby Lobby.

Watch out Mozart, Avery's coming in close on your heels.

Reading books in Gigi's big rocking chair brings out pure joy.  Obviously.

Naturally Target trip(s) were made.  Location doesn't stop us.  Nothing does.
Side note #3: Little movie star totally loved her oversized sunglasses for the first 10 seconds they were on her face.  She'll get the hang of it.  She's got a good teacher.

We laid low on Sunday morning and just let Avery run the show.  (But I mean really, when does she not run the show....) :)

Avery and Granddad went on the sweetest walk before we left.  Like melt your heart sweet.

That's my Minnie Mouse from Walt Disney World.  We think it's from when I was in 2nd-ish grade...so that makes it......a lot of years old....give or take a few years.  It's Avery's Minnie Mouse now, until she gets one of her own that's as big as she is.

We left for home around 12:15 and Avery watched her Doc McStuffins movie for the first 45 minutes of the ride before she crashed into nap time with no abandon.  Our plan was to stop in Waco and see "Aunt Saci" for a few minutes but Avery was still in napping land.  I hated to wake her up knowing that she would probably scream the other half of the drive home.  We ended up just driving through Waco without stopping knowing that we would be back in a couple of weekends.

After she woke up, just after we passed through Salado.  Happy with snacks and a movie!

She melted down right as we exited the highway.  Past the point of no return melt down.  The silver lining was watching her reaction to turning the corner and seeing Jacob waiting on us in the driveway.  She literally started screaming, "Adda!  Adda! Adda!" out of excitement to see him.  Most precious thing ever.  

Great girls weekend!  Up next: Avery's first wedding and first trip to College Station/a&m.  

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Jacob worked in the yard and Avery and I took full advantage of staying in our jammies and being lazy.  :)
Just laying around.  On Ellie's bed.  (Don't worry- I had just put the cover back on from washing it.)

Watching Doc McStuffins on TV.

After Jacob got done with the yard work, we headed out for our annual Saturday errand running.  We recently turned Avery front facing (for a number of reasons.) and we decided to give Jacob's in car DVD player a whirl to see if she would even acknowledge something playing on the little screen.  Jackpot.  She was GLUED to Lady and the Tramp the whole time we were in the car.  Jacob's Tahoe is now officially the travel Tahoe.


After we got home from our errands, Avery and I had a mini photo shoot upstairs in the loft with the toy box my granddaddy made for me that is now Avery's!  She thinks sitting on it and reading books is the bees knees.  Here's a sampling of the pics...

This little head tilt is her new thing.  Whenever you tell her to smile or "say cheese" she lays her head over on her right shoulder and proceeds to cheese.it.up.

My streak of leaving early for church ended.  :(  After church, we came home and changed into our "nap taking" clothes (read: sweats and big comfy t-shirts).  Avery took a pretty sweet 2 hour nap that afternoon.  I had to go wake her up at the 2 hour mark.  She may have slept for another 2 hours.

Sitting on the back porch in comfy clothes, eatin' grahams.

My grocery shopping buddy.  

That evening Jacob cooked some stellar "sketties".  Avery ate up like a champ!  Even the onions!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up: Plague Edition

Yes, I realize it's Thursday.  It's been a very looong weekend for us.  Give me a break.

Jacob woke up feeling bad.  He put himself in semi-quarantine from Avery and I for most of the day.  I say "semi" because I had to work on Saturday and as much as I hated leaving Avery with Jacob being sick, she's not exactly tote-able to the hospital.  Although I'm sure allll of my patients would have loved to love on her.  Let's be honest.

After I got home from work, Jacob thought he felt better so we loaded up the Tahoe and made our weekly trip to Target for diapers.  We also made a stop at Best Buy (to make it worth Jacob's trip, naturally.)

Reading a book while waiting to leave for Target

After we got back, Jacob realized he didn't feel as well as he thought so Avery and I had a photo-shoot in the backyard.  Her outfit is courtesy of her Waco GG.

Apparently SOMEONE doesn't like bows right now.  I'm devastated.

.....and I'm over it.  How could you be upset at such a face!?

Jacob still didn't feel well so went to church via the couch and sent Avery and I on our way.  
She's a beauty in blue.  She's a beauty no matter what actually.

Avery and I got home from church and I realized she wasn't quite acting like herself.  I checked her temperature and low and behold she had a low grade fever.  I knew she was teething so I attributed that to the fever.  She wasn't overtly sick the rest of the day, just a little whinier and clingy than usual.

(I'm including Monday and Tuesday on this because of the plague our "weekend" lasted until Tuesday.)

Avery woke up with a 102 fever.  Great.  She caught Jacob's plague.  Womp womp.  No school for little "Gracey Face" today.  Despite having a 103 to 102 fever (and that was with medication), she acted like she felt fine.  I was hopeful that she could go back to school on Tuesday.....nope.  Still had a fever.

We resorted to the lukewarm bath/cold washcloth combination to try and get her fever down...semi successful.

And we STILL have "the plague" in 2 of the 3 members of the family.  Avery's fever was still around and Jacob still felt like he'd been run over by a few trucks.  I called the doctor and got her in for an appointment in the mid morning.  Again, she acts fine.  Go figure.

At the doctors office.  (Side rant: Does any one else find it slightly annoying that you have an appointment at a certain time and the doctor doesn't actually show up to see you until around 45 minutes later!?!?  Don't they know I've got an active and curious nearly-13-month-old who would rather open all of your cabinets and play with the cords on your computer rather than read the book that you provided for entertainment?  Toddler watching in a doctors office is a sport I tell you, should be an Olympic sport.)

The doctor said that she was positive that Avery had the same virus that Jacob did.  She had a lovely all over rash by the time the doctor showed up and the doctor said that when the rash shows up, the virus is done.  Praise the Lord.  That's 1 of the 2 sick family members better.  Suh-weet.

Avery went back to school on Wednesday (and started screaming when I left the room....really?  I can't handle this.) and Jacob stayed home "an extra day just to make sure".  :)  

"Plague": 0
Terkelsens: 3

....can I just say what a miracle it is that I didn't catch it???  I'm usually the one that catches everything anyone is handing out...because let's face it....I never pass up getting something for free.  ;)

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