Sunday, November 2, 2014

Baylor Homecoming 2014

Well kids, this past weekend was my favorite holiday (besides Christmas).  Yep.  Baylor Homecoming.  Epic as usual.

1. Staci and I partaking in Judge Starr's candy basket outside of his house.  We love that guy. 2. Parade morning.  Even with a bow pinned to her jacket hood, Avery found it and attempted multiple times to rip it off.  3. I got to see my old roommate at the parade!  We were just as hilarious as ever.  I love us.  4. Best seat in the house is on Dada's shoulders! 

1. My little Baylor family.  Please appreciate my Aggie husband sporting his green and gold with a smile.  2.  Avery was elated to be at McLane Stadium....just like her momma.  Yes, she's wearing black tights, Ugg boots, white t-shirt, and a puffer vest.  Start 'em early on the typical Baylor Girl uniform.  3.  Staci and I outside of McLane.  Home.  Home sweet home.  4.  Stripe McLane was a success!

1.  How Avery chose to be carried into McLane.  Upside down.  And cackling.  2.  Clapping along with everyone during the pre-game show.  3.  "Go BEARS!"  4.  Jacob explaining to Avery the basics of football.

1. Entertaining herself by playing under the stairs.  Calm down, she was supervised.  2.  Avery's reaction to a Kansas touch-down.  3.  Bears WIN!  4.  Staci and I with the eternal flame.  All the years I spent at Baylor I realized I never got a picture with the flame...until now.

It was such a great weekend and we can't wait for next Homecoming!

Halloween 2014

This year Halloween fell during Baylor's Homecoming Weekend.  For a lot of reasons, I was more than ok with that.  Sic 'Em Bears.

Avery was going to be a peacock for Halloween this year and her costume was awesome.  I scored it during a shopping trip with Avery's Memaw in Dallas about a month ago.  The first time I showed it to her to try on, she responded like any typical 18 month old kiddo would.  She looked me square in the eyes and pointed her little hand at me and said, "No way".  It happened.  It was witnessed.  Yes way, ma'am, you're wearing it----at least for a.single.picture.please.  Leading up to the photo shoot, I kept showing her the costume and telling her how pretty of a peacock she would be, how pretty the color turquoise is on her, the whole 9 yards.  Wednesday came and it was time to attempt putting the costume on.  I had candy ready for bribing- I was prepared.  In no time flat Avery transformed into a beautiful "peapock" and we got some stellar pictures in the back yard!  Enjoy!

What Avery wore on Halloween for school!
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