Sunday, February 23, 2014

10 Months!

Stats:  21 lbs, 28 inches long

Yeah little love...I'm as shocked as you at how big you're getting.

Milestones: Finally cruising from furniture to furniture, "imitating" what we say (she's pretty good at vowel imitation), eating big girl grown up food at school (she came home one day smelling of tuna fish....she had a tuna bake at school.  I promptly burned those clothes. :) )  Avery also graduated from the baby room at school and into the bigger kid room.  I'm not going to lie...this was hard on momma.

Her new crib in her new room.

Sitting in her high chair at school.  This is probably the same day she ate tuna...

Behavior:  Avery continues to show what a free spirit she is.  One of my favorite memories thus far is when we were out shopping.  Avery was in her stroller and just pleased as punch to be people watching.  She saw this rather large (large as in tall and muscular) gentleman in the store and decided to yell at him, "Hey!".  He was a very good sport and bent down to talk to her.  She thought he was the greatest thing ever.

We still have our moments of fussiness, but they are fewer and far between.  Luckily we've gotten good at reading her so we know when to avoid a crisis at all costs.

Sleep:  Regression as of recently.  I think she's cutting her 9th tooth which could be the culprit.  Avery is a champ at her bedtime routine and is usually asleep by 8 and up by 6ish.  I recently discovered that she loves her Wub-a-nub pacifier thing with the animal attached to it only because she likes to chew on the pacifier.  As far as I'm concerned, that's all she ever needs to know it's for.  We named her Wub-a-nub "Charlie" back after she was first born.  As long as Charlie is in her crib with her, she'll keep herself occupied until between 6:30-7.

Clothes:  We've entered the new realm of 12 month clothes.  I'm not going to lie, the first time we were in Target and I realized that she "graduated" to the next size up, I got reallllly sad.  I won't be shopping in the baby baby section anymore!  She's got her own "toddler" girl section.  Sure there's more of a selection...but still!  So sad!  We had to get another storage container for her 9 month clothes.  She has now secured that achievement of having more clothes and I do.  Actually, I think she has more clothes than Jacob and I combined.

Likes:  Her love of books was reignited for some reason.  She can't get enough books.  Avery loves long walks, her Ellie dog, bath time in the big girl bathtub, big girl food, and her new car seat!

Dislikes: Staying still, getting into her car seat, getting dressed (it's like trying to lasso a cat.), falling (who enjoys that, really), sweet potatoes (I'm a little upset about this....she used to love she gags.)

"Come on Momma....The Bachelor Wedding is about to start!"

Favorite Moments: Learning to somewhat stand up on her own, getting a new big girl car seat, going on lots of shopping trips with Momma and Dada (or, "Adda" as she calls him)

Most Challenging:  The week long virus that had at the doctor, in the ER, and back at the doctor again.  Poor baby's fever got as high as 104.  She was miserable and so was I.  Luckily it was just a virus and she's just fine it never happened.  Building an immune system is a rough job.

How she preferred to spend most of the 6 days she was sick...cuddled up in someone's arms and watching Mickey Mouse and/or Doc McStuffins.

Looking Forward To:  Walking! ....maybe?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Avery's First Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Opening her first Valentine's Day card from Gigi and Granddad

Excited about her new elephant from Momma and Dadda

Big Girl car seat!

Such a happy little love!

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