Saturday, April 11, 2015

Avery Turns 2!

Since when does time go by this fast?  Wasn't it just yesterday that we were in the hospital just meeting our sweet little baby love?  I'm ready for time to slow down, that's for certain.

We are still riding on our Disney World high and that carried over into Avery's party.  I gave her the option of a Minnie Mouse party or a Frozen party and much to my relief surprise she chose Minnie Mouse.

I made all of the decorations and I will say, it was a labor of love and it was well worth it.  My fantastic sister-in-law helped and made all of this totally doable.

The mantle set up. 

Avery's first set of Mickey ears on display.

I spy some Minnie Mouse ears...

The amazing tassel banner

Minnie Mouse cupcakes

Minnie Mouse cake

The cake and cupcakes were out of this world.  Our sweet friend Catherine owns her own bakery and hooked us up royally with the most beautiful stuff.  She made Avery's smash cake and cupcakes for her 1st birthday party last year and I foresee she'll continue to get a lot of business from us.  Check out her website Sweet Louise Bakery

Our sweet Avery Grace, what a joy you are.

Literally in the last half day Avery has started saying "cheese" on command.  The below picture is usually what we get when we ask for her to say "cheese".  We deserve nothing less.

Eating her snacks before digging into her cake.

So what you can't see is the sheer panic in Avery's face and cry while we were all singing Happy Birthday to her.  It's ok, it's a memory.  She refused to blow her candles out, twice.  It's ok, it's a memory.

"Momma make it stop!!"

Calming herself down

How many Aggies does it take to cut a cake?

Well worth being sung to in order to eat this cake!

After cake we sat down to open presents.  At first Avery was totally in to pulling the tissue paper out of the bags....but then the utter confusion set in as to why we were letting her open presents and then making her put them back in bags.  So rude, mom.  So rude.

Avery Grace,
     What can I say baby girl, it's been quite the year!  You've learned and loved leaps and bounds above what we expected!  Parenting you has been such a journey and in the highs and the lows we are blessed to have been chosen to walk beside you.  Don't forget you special talent of big hugs and sweet kisses- they have the special ability to make any bad day better.  We are looking forward to each new day with you and can't wait to see where the Lord takes us in this next year.  You make our lives much more entertaining, we are truly blessed by you sweet girl.  
                                      To the moon and back, and back again,
                                                           -Momma and Dada

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